• Touch Switch

    These Glass Touch panels are capacitive sensitive, can ON or OFF light by a slight touch of finger same as Smart Phone. This Touch Switch is Wi-Fi enabled and control by our Cloud solution to get your command from anywhere in the world and show you real time status of connected light or appliances either ON or OFF. These touch panels also programed to ON and OFF at particular time.


  • Bio Metric and RF ID

    These both Systems are for Authentication and Access Control. This is Basic Security option to give access to enter Home or Work Place through Main Gate and Main Door. RF ID System is also use to send System feedback regarding IN or OUT of Children, Employee or any person from Home or Work Place.

    Biometric1RF ID Card

  • Sensors

    We have different range of sensors, such as Temperature Sensor, Motion Sensor, Smoke Detector and Methane (SUI GAS) Sensor. If you are away, with temperature sensor you can get the indoor temperature to control your AC, Blinds, Curtains and Ventilation system. Motions Sensors are for alert and auto OFF anything if nobody is in that area. Smoke and Gas sensor work for Danger Alert Situations and SMART HOME send you Text Message.


  • Motorized Main Gate

    Motorized Main Gate is also control remotely from Smart Phone tablet and via Control Panel. We Prefer Sliding Gates. This System also integrated with Bio Metric, RF ID and Iris Scan. Main Gate also controlled from all over the world from your Smartphone or Tablet. Main gate integration with our Smart Doorbell take it to the NEXT Level.


  • Smart Doorbell

    Smart Doorbell is basically a small, Wi-Fi enabled Door Bell that has been designed for answering the doorbell. With its small camera, the Doorbell not only lets you see who’s at the door but also allows you to communicate with your visitors. Now all the activity at your doorstep can be linked directly with your smartphone or tablet, whatever you choose. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. So when a visitor approaches your door and presses the LED-lit push-to-talk button, Door bell get the picture of the visitor and store it to the cloud and Our System send you a text message for Door Bell alert, with the URL to view the image of the camera.

    i-bell-2 HA0275X-6

  • Security Cameras

    Security Camera System will provide you complete peace of mind. You can access your Security Camera anytime from anywhere. You can also use our Security Camera System for Baby care as well, with the confidence that your child is resting peacefully. Unlike most baby monitors that restrict the users to one monitor and one receiver, the Wireless Baby Monitoring/Camera System allows you to monitor from your Smartphone, tablet computer, laptop or desktop. You can also configure the product so your spouse, parents, neighbors or anyone you chose can check in from their Internet enabled device.
    As a stand-alone monitor, you can hear and see your baby in daytime or in complete darkness, as the product has infrared (IR) night vision. You can also program the system to email you every time motion is sensed, which is perfect when reviewing your child’s sleeping habits with your obstetrician or pediatrician.